guild wars: i’m lvl 8!!!

19 05 2007


Oh… I didn’t tell you guys.

Last month I got Guild Wars for no apparent reason. And then I stopped playing later on. Then I started playing again. (sigh) The name’s Aeon Flao, btw.

So then I searched Ascalon for quests, which I can’t really finish anymore since I already finished them. Neither that I wanted to go to Ruins Of Ascalon (for those who don’t know: Ruins Of Ascalon is Ascalon by some years later. Must not tell you because i would spoil the fun). (and i’m Elemetalist/Mesmer)

And I just got the complete new outfit for the elemetalist. Collectors, YOU RULE!

But then I just found out that I got kicked out of the guild. >.< [LiVe] — I’m planning to make a guild myself, though. A guild just for newbies, no circumstances. Whether you’re new player or veteran, you can join. —- The problem is I couldn’t find the Guild Registrar. GODDAMMIT.

If you met me along, just say hi.

guuuuiiilldd, itdg.


Dear loyal readers or passerbys who don’t really bother for this.

12 05 2007

…..I don’t know what to say. This sucks.


I just wanna wish everybody in school here to have good luck, and DON’T FORGET TO STUDY!!!!! And those who are adults now, well… good luck at work? And those who quits school, YOU’RE STUPID. (though I honestly hate school. Swear.) It’s May here. (…WTF. Why did I say that? IT IS MAY AROUND THE WORLD!) And I rarely study. But still I got good nice scores. [miracle, or not?] The tests haven’t started yet, though.

So then, yeah.

[damn luck, itdg]