guild wars: i’m lvl 8!!!

19 05 2007


Oh… I didn’t tell you guys.

Last month I got Guild Wars for no apparent reason. And then I stopped playing later on. Then I started playing again. (sigh) The name’s Aeon Flao, btw.

So then I searched Ascalon for quests, which I can’t really finish anymore since I already finished them. Neither that I wanted to go to Ruins Of Ascalon (for those who don’t know: Ruins Of Ascalon is Ascalon by some years later. Must not tell you because i would spoil the fun). (and i’m Elemetalist/Mesmer)

And I just got the complete new outfit for the elemetalist. Collectors, YOU RULE!

But then I just found out that I got kicked out of the guild. >.< [LiVe] — I’m planning to make a guild myself, though. A guild just for newbies, no circumstances. Whether you’re new player or veteran, you can join. —- The problem is I couldn’t find the Guild Registrar. GODDAMMIT.

If you met me along, just say hi.

guuuuiiilldd, itdg.




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